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Hybrid Heuristic for the Clustered Orienteering Problem

Ala-Eddine Yahiaoui, Aziz Moukrim and Mehdi Serairi

An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for the Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem

Sandra Zajac

An Effective Large Neighborhood Search for the Team Orienteering Problem with Time Windows

Verena Schmid and Jan Fabian Ehmke

The Vehicle Routing Problem with Dynamic Occasional Drivers

Lars Dahle, Henrik Andersson and Marielle Christiansen

Maximizing the number of served requests in online shared transport system by solving dynamic DARP

Sven Vallée, Ammar Oulamara and Wahiba Ramdane

A Polyhedral Study of the Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Resource Constraints

Jiarui Da, Xin Tang and Lanbo Zheng

Vehicle Routing with a Heterogeneous Fleet of Combustion and Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles under Energy Minimization

Herbert Kopfer, Benedikt Vornhusen and Jan Dethloff

Time-Dependent Route Planning for Truck Drivers

Alexander Kleff, Christian Bräuer, Frank Schulz, Valentin Buchhold, Moritz Baum and Dorothea Wagner

Combinatorial Auction for Transportation Matching Service: Formulation and Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic

Baoxiang Li and Hoong Chuin Lau

Metaheuristic Framework for a Disaster Logistics Problem with Time-Dependent Demands

Jorge Victoria, Christian Prins and H. Murat Afsar

Planning of an Offshore Well Plugging Campaign: A Vehicle Routing Approach

Steffen Bakker, Mats Aarlott, Asgeir Tomasgard and Kjetil Midthun

Arc-routing with presedence constraints: An application to snow plowing operations

Anders Gundersen, Magnus Johansen, Benjamin Kjær and Magnus Stålhane

Analysis of Partner Selection Problem in Horizontal Shippers collaboration

Ouhader Hanan and El Kyal Malika

A simple mechanism for the disaster emergency unit scheduling problem

P. J. Araya-Córdova and Óscar C. Vásquez

A Relax-and-Fix Algorithm for a Maritime Inventory Routing Problem

Marcelo Friske and Luciana Buriol

Strategic Optimization of Offshore Wind Farm Installation

Stian Backe and Dag Haugland

Maritime Load Dependent Lead Times - An Analysis

Julia Pahl and Stefan Voss

Integrating fleet deployment into the liner shipping cargo allocation problem

Daniel Müller, Stefan Guericke and Kevin Tierney

A New Formulation for the Combined Maritime Fleet Deployment and Inventory Management Problem

Bo Dong, Tolga Bektas, Saurabh Chandra, Marielle Christiansen and Kjetil Fagerholt

The Liner Shipping Routing and Scheduling problem under environmental considerations: The Case of Emissions Control Areas

Philip Dithmer, Line Reinhardt and Christos Kontovas

Survey on Autonomous Surface Vessels: Part I - A New Detailed Definition of Autonomy Levels

Matteo Schiaretti, Linying Chen and Rudy Negenborn

Survey on Autonomous Surface Vessels: Part II - Categorization of 60 Prototypes and Future Applications

Matteo Schiaretti, Linying Chen and Rudy Negenborn

A shortest path heuristic for evaluating the quality of stowage plans in Roll-on Roll-off liner shipping

Jone R. Hansen, Ivar Hukkelberg, Kjetil Fagerholt and Magnus Stålhane

Optimising and Recognising 2-Stage Delivery Chain with Time Windows

Frank Phillipson, Max Ortega Del Vecchyo, Bart van Ginkel, Dylan Huizing and Alex Sangers

Review of fuzzy techniques in maritime shipping operations

Jana Ries, Rosa Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez and Stefan Voss

Framework of Synchromodal Transportation Problems

Myrte De Juncker, Dylan Huizing, Max Ortega Del Vecchyo, Frank Phillipson and Alex Sangers

Scheduling Drayage Operations in Synchromodal Transport

Arturo Pérez Rivera and Martijn Mes

Survey on Characteristics and Challenges of Synchromodal Transportation in Global Cold Chains

Wenjing Guo, Wouter Beelaerts van Blokland and Gabriel Lodewijks

Towards the Physical Internet Paradigm: a Model for Transportation Planning in Complex Road Networks with Empty Return Optimization

Claudia Caballini, Massimo Paolucci, Simona Sacone and Evrim Ursavas

Simulating storage policies for an automated grid-based warehouse system

Michaela Beckschäfer, Simon Malberg, Kevin Tierney and Christoph Weskamp

Quality-oriented modeling and optimal scheduling for perishable good distribution networks: The case study of banana logistics

Xiao Lin, Rudy R. Negenborn, Mark B. Duinkerken and Gabriel Lodewijks

Stochastic Programming for Global Supply Chain Planning Under Uncertainty: An Outline

Yingjie Fan, Frank Schwartz, Stefan Voß and David Woodruff

Cost-efficient Allocation of Bikes to Stations in Bike Sharing Systems

Patrick Vogel, Jan Fabian Ehmke and Dirk Mattfeld

A dynamic network flow model for interdependent infrastructure and supply chain networks with uncertain asset operability

Nils Goldbeck, Panagiotis Angeloudis and Washington Ochieng

Establishing outsourcing and supply chain plans for prefabricated construction projects under uncertain productivity

Pei-Yuan Hsu, Marco Aurisicchio and Panagiotis Angeloudis

Agent-Based Simulation to Assess the Performance of Intersections with Pre-Signals: Comparison with Roundabouts

António Vieira, Luis Dias, Guilherme Pereira and José Oliveira

Efficient Local Search Heuristics for Packing Irregular Shapes in Two-Dimensional Heterogeneous Bins

Ranga Abeysooriya, Julia Bennell and Antonio Martinez-Sykora

Reducing Airport Emissions with Coordinated Pushback Processes: A Case Study

Branko Bubalo, Frederik Schulte and Stefan Voss


Benders Decomposition for the Multi-Period Sales Districting Problem

Saranthorn Phusingha and Joerg Kalcsics

A Biased-Randomized Heuristic for the Multi-Period Vehicle Routing Problem with Flexibility in Delivering

Angel Juan, Martin Savelsbergh, Alejandro Estrada and Javier Panadero

A heuristic decomposition based on column generation approach for combining orders in inland transportation

Hajem Daham and Xinan Yang

The Tugboat Scheduling Problem with Congestion

Omar Abou Kasm, Noura Al Dhaheri and Ali Diabat

Station Level Refinement of Train Unit Network Flow Schedules

Li Lei, Raymond S.K. Kwan, Zhiyuan Lin and Pedro Jesús Copado-Méndez

Stock keeping unit assignment to unidirectional picking lines

Stephan E Visagie and Gavin J Le Roux

On Fair Facility Location Problems in a Supply Chain

Carlo Filippi, Gianfranco Guastarobaand M. Grazia Speranza

Implementation and Performance Measurement of a Value Stream Oriented Organizational Structure: A framework proposal

Tiago Cruz, Carina Pimentel and Marlene Amorim

How to load a ferry: a comparison of packing algorithms for the vehicle ferry industry

Christopher Bayliss, Christine S. M. Currie, Antonio Martinez-Sykora, Julia A. Bennell and Mee-Chi So

An Integrated Stochastic Location-Inventory Problem with Product Remanufacturing

Jörg Kalcsics and Andreas Kuhnle

Optimization of Inter-modal Rail Transport in a Port Area

Qu Hu, Bart Wiegmans, Francesco Corman and Gabriel Lodewijks

The supply chain 4.0 and supply chain collaboration: a case study

Carina Pimentel, Susana Azevedo and João C. O. Matias

Quay Crane Scheduling for a Vessel by Considering Discharge and Loading Patterns

Byung-Hyun Ha, Byung-Cheon Choi and Tobias Buer

Supply chain transportation plans optimization - Time-expanded graph enrichment heuristic

Simon Belieres, Nicolas Jozefowiez and Frédéric Semet

Insular Vehicle Routing Problems

Pablo A. Miranda, Jana Ries, Patrick Beullens and Carola A. Blazquez

k-Domination models for placement of electric vehicle charging stations in road networks

Andrei Gagarin and Padraig Corcoran

2D Packing-based RoRo Stowage Planning Support System

Saeyun Jung, Taehoon Lee and Byung-Hyun Ha

Location and Districting of Urban Distributed Service Networks on Street Graphs

Dimitris Paraskevopoulos, Panagiotis P. Repoussis and Christos D. Tarantilis

Fleet Management: The Case of a Transport Company

Carina Pimentel, Andreia Rodrigues and João Matias

Charging and routing strategies for electric vehicle scheduling considering flexible energy pricing patterns

Marcel Dumeier, Karl Schneeberger, Andreas Krawinkler and Karl Dörner